Random Writing Exercise # 5

Write a short, short story (try to keep it under 500 words) and use these three words: marshmallow, gold, loud.

Week 26

The sad gap left by the felled tree surprised William every time he looked out the window.

Writing Adventure # 2

Pick a place in your own city that you've always wanted to visit but never have. It can be a museum, an art gallery, a place with historical significance, a park. Anywhere. Go there, then use it as a setting for a short story.

Week 25

The dog sat with his head cocked, staring at the still figure of his master.

Random Writing Exercise # 4

Describe the room you had as a child. Don't just limit yourself to visual details - what could you hear from its window? How was it different in the night from during the day? Did you have a secret hiding spot? Be a time traveller and return to the one small corner of the world you knew best as a child.

Shout it From the Rooftop!

I wanted to share my good news - my first novel was accepted for publication yesterday! I've been walking on air ever since. Second Story Press is bringing it out here in Canada this fall, which is really, really quick in the publishing world. I've got tonnes of work to do in the coming weeks and months editing it. I'm on a pretty steep learning curve right now since this is my first book but I couldn't be happier.

Week 24

It was exhausting to even think about.

Week 23

Spring bloomed suddenly that year, catching even the optimists by surprise.

Secret Diary Writing Exercise # 2

Pretend to be silent screen movie star. Imagine it: the Roaring 20s, the Jazz Age, the glamour, the mystery and everyone so beautiful in black and white. Of course a silent screen star would have a secret diary. But what would it reveal? Write an entry in their diary.