"I'm not trying to entertain the critics. I'll take my chances with the public."

~ Walt Disney

Prompt #182

Use this as the first line of a short story: Chelsea realized she was wrong, but could not admit it now.

How are you doing?

According to my calendar it is April. According to the actual weather it is flipping between spring, summer and winter a few times a week. But I'll trust the calendar. Spring is a good time to review your writing goals for the year and see how you are doing. Are you getting the amount of writing done that you would like to? The kind of writing you'd like to?

Check in and have a little progress report session with yourself. See if you are where you want to be, and if not, make the necessary adjustments to get back on course. Or, adjust the goals if you have found them to be unreasonable. (You might want to toss your copy of, "How to Write a Novel in 30 Minutes." Just a suggestion.)

Or, maybe you will find your writing has shifted in a new and unexpected direction. Maybe you are discovering unexplored territory, breaking new creative ground within yourself. Maybe goals are not appropriate for what you are doing right now. Maybe what you need are wide open spaces inside yourself with no deadlines and no expectations. Maybe you are making the map as you go along - word, by exhilarating word.

Wherever you are, be kind to yourself and keep writing.

Prompt #179

It was Henrietta's goal to invent a colour no one had yet seen or even imagined.