Random Writing Exercise # 3

Write a paragraph describing the sky but do not use the word blue. And don't feel you need to stay with the sky, you may use it as a jumping off point.

(If you would like some inspiration I've posted the paragraph I wrote in the comments section.)


firstlinefiction said...

This morning the sky was the exact colour of my first lover's eyes. We met on a Saturday in June on the steps of the art gallery. I was seventeen, he ten years older, an artist. I spent that summer riding the subway across town to his studio. It was on the second storey, above a fruit seller's. The fourth stair creaked and always made my heart somersault in anticipation. At the end of that August I left for university and never saw him again. But I will never forget his eyes: as startling as a corner of the sky torn away, fluttering down to kiss me.

Unknown said...

That was fabulous, so creative, good job!