Writing Adventure # 5

It's been awhile since we did a writing adventure exercise her at First Line. Even though it is winter in my part of the world, which means I use any excuse to avoid leaving the house, I think it is good for the creative soul to get away from the desk sometimes. So grab your notebook (or laptop) and lets go!

Go to a place of departures - and no, I don't mean a funeral home. Go to a train station, an airport, a bus station, a subway platform, a taxi stand - you get the idea. A place where you can watch people leaving. Focus on someone who looks interesting. Where are they going? Are they looking forward to the trip? Dreading it? Who is meeting them? What are they expecting to happen when they arrive? Have they travelled to this place before? Write a short story.


Yasmin Joo said...

I'll absolutely try this!

firstlinefiction said...

Great! Have fun.

~ Lori