Writing Adventure #8

Okay, not long ago I suggested using all your senses in your writing, to not just describe how things look. So, let's practice that a little, shall we? For this exercise I want you to leave your desk (yes!) and go somewhere familiar. It's good to go to a place that you know well because you're going to experience it in a new way. When you arrive at your destination (your park, museum, beach, forest, shopping mall, coffee shop, wherever) write down what it looks like. I know, I know, this is what I told you not to do, but I want you to get all the visual stuff out of your system. So spend a few minutes jotting down how the place looks. When you've finished that, describe how it smells. Then write about the sounds you hear. Now it gets harder - how does this place feel? Can you feel a breeze on your skin? Sunlight on your face? Is it a bustling place, crackling with energy? Or is it calm? Finally how does it taste? Now I don't want you to go lick the bark on a tree or anything. I am still on the safe side of sanity (barely, but holding on). But is the air fresh? Or gritty? You can get as poetic as you like here. Maybe this place reminds you of the first time you tasted pistachio ice cream and loved it. It doesn't have to be literal, or make sense to anyone but you. Don't spend a lot of time thinking about your answers - just quickly get your impressions down.

Does your familiar place feel new now? Did you discover things about it you hadn't noticed before? Everywhere is like that - rich, multi-layered. Now try to keep that in mind when you are back at your desk.

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