I can finally tell you!

I've been bursting to tell you this! A few months ago The First Line blog was contacted by The Writer magazine wanting permission to print some of my first lines in their magazine. I am so happy the issue is finally on newstands. The First Line blog is featured in a sidebar alongside an article by Jim Shepard, entitled, Off the Cuff: Writing as a Form of Play. I am super thrilled to be included in such a great magazine. So the next time you're at a newstand check out the February issue of The Writer!


Anonymous said...

I read it in a Barnes and Noble. I bought the magazine after reading the Jim Shepard article and your First Liners, which is how I found your blog. I retired and trying to take up writing as a hobby. I have to get past the intimidation of a blank page. Hoping I can do that using your blog site as starting lines to get over that. Good advertisement for you and maybe even book sales!

firstlinefiction said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your comment. You made my day! I hope you find the blog inspirational. Everyone is intimidated by that blank page - trust me. But take a deep breath, follow your heart and write - it is worth it.

~ Lori