About the River of Stones

I really enjoyed participating in the River of Stones project throughout the month of January. I managed to post a stone every day - though it did start to feel like a creative marathon for the last few days! But it was wonderful to have a tool like that that made me slow down and pay attention each day. I will be continuing to write 'stones', though, perhaps, not every day. I am still trying to decide whether to post some of them here on First Lines. I'm not sure if they belong or not. In the begining all I posted here was a first line every Wednesday and then the blog grew to include more prompts and then the occasional musing or rant from me mixed in with quotes that inspired me and I hoped would inspire others. And now I have added author interviews (our next one is on Friday).

So, I thought I would let you have your say: if you enjoyed the 'stones' or hated them, drop me a comment. Another option would be for me to create a new blog and post them there. (If they stay, by the way, I'm going to give them a new name that better reflects me and what I am doing. I just haven't thought of a name I like yet.)


Anonymous said...

Keep it up and keep them here! I'm doing the same thing, though I've backed off to once a week now. But I still like reading them as much as I like writing them, especially yours, so I'd love to see them stick around. :)

firstlinefiction said...

Thanks Sam! As ever, I value your input.

~ Lori