Musings from the Desk

I've been thinking lately how people often assume if you are good at something (like writing fiction, or windsurfing, or skipping stones) it must come easily to you. (In my experience, this is rarely the case, however.)

I think what troubles me most about this assumption, is that there might be people searching for something they find 'easy' with the belief they will excel at it. And then life will magically be happy, and easy, and good; they will be successful and money will be thrust upon them.

It is a nice fantasy. Even I admit that.

But here is the thing: if you only pursue the things you find easy you'll never know the thrill of accomplishment. (And it is a big thrill.) And you will never discover your own potential. (Which is greater than you know.) You will go through life and never test yourself - you will in short, never know what you are capable of. You will be a stranger to yourself.

Don't devote yourself to the things that come easy. Devote yourself to whatever it is you are passionate about. You'll be surprised where it takes you. I guarantee it.

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