Musings from the Desk

On the weekend I was at a one of those giant used book sales that are absolutely irresistible. It was at the University of Toronto. As I was browsing the Canadian literature table I came across a copy of my novel, The Last River Child. It was a bit disconcerting to see my own discarded novel while searching for cheap treasures. I snuck a peek inside to see if it was signed (it wasn't) and then peeked at what it was priced at ($3). I hope someone took a three dollar gamble and loves it.


Anonymous said...


That must be a little weird and disappointing seeing your book there after knowing how much work and time that you put into it.


firstlinefiction said...

It was weird and a bit disappointing - but Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood were there too, so I was in good company! You must always look on the bright side!