Week # 163

Tonya turned when she heard her name called, but did not recognize the man waving to her.


Anonymous said...


Just curious. Do you see some of the things on the streets such as hearing a person's named called and not recognizing them, or do they randomly pop into your head?

Curious where you get some of the ideas that you put on your blog site.

I guess the question is coming from the creativity question. How do you encourage it?

firstlinefiction said...

No, I didn't see this happen on the street. Though sometimes that sort of thing does happen and it sparks an idea for me. Most of the first lines that I post on Wednesdays do just pop into my head. I've gotten good at writing them down the minute they appear because they tend to disappear on me if I don't (always carry a notebook!).

As for encouraging creativity I find spending time alone works well for me. This is something I have been thinking about more lately, though. I'd like to deconstuct my creative process a bit so that I can (hopefully) teach it to others. I'll keep you posted on that if anything comes of it.