This Little Writer Went to the Market...

If you are looking for places to submit your fiction to here are a few of my favourite sources:

New Pages (note: I am experiencing a blogger glitch and can't get the link to New Pages to work so go to:

New Pages has a great, "Call for Submissions" page that is regularly updated. There is also plenty of info on the site about literary magazines, contests, conferences and publishers.

Prepare to be overwhelmed. With 4,153 markets for fiction writers and poets, you are sure to find a home for your disco-inspired vampire love story set in outer space.

Places for Writers

A Canadian site with calls for submissions. Not as big as the previous two but I've been a huge fan of this site for years now. And I'm not just saying that, eh.

The Practicing Writer e-newsletter

Do yourself a favour and click on over to Erika Dreifus' website and sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter, The Practicing Writer. It is chock-a-block with great info on contests (with no fees!) and calls for submissions (to paying markets!). It is also filled with interesting goodies about the craft and business of writing. I look forward to reading it every month. And a bit of insider information here: I found the publisher for my novel, The Last River Child through Erika's newsletter. No lie!

Remember to read all submission guidelines and observe them. Good luck and let me know when you get that sweet acceptance letter so I can congratulate you!

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