Edgy and Dangerous You

Sometimes it happens that you are writing a story about a man and his dog and suddenly (or so it feels) the story takes a sharp turn to the left and it is now about a bank robbery gone wrong. That is okay. Not everything has to go according to plan (actually, very little goes according to plan in my life, let alone in my writing). Go with it. See where the writing takes you. It may be that you started out with a rather safe story you thought your writing group would love and now you have a story that you feel is so edgy and dangerous you should hide it under your bed. Great! Your writing should be a little dangerous at times. It should wake you up to the possiblities in the world. It should wake you up to the possibilities within you.


Anonymous said...


So you start out with "Mary had a little lamb..."

and two paragraphs down you find out that she is a drug agent trying to bust up a drug ring and the lamb and sheep farm is just her disguise??


firstlinefiction said...

Exactly! Now that is a story!