Writing Adventure # 6

In honour of spring, let's leave out desks and venture outside.  There is a long tradition of writers being great walkers.  Perhaps something about the rhythm of walking calms and inspires a writer's brain.  So lace up a pair of comfortable shoes, grab a notebook and get outside.  It is not important to have a destination in mind for this exercise.  In fact it will probably work best if you don't.  Just roam wherever the mood takes you.  It is even more important not to have any hopes or expectations about your writing.  As much as possible, empty your mind.  Simply observe your surroundings.  If an idea or a line comes to you that you would like to pursue later at your desk, pause and write it down in your notebook, then continue walking.  The goal  is to relax, to let your mind wander and see what interesting thoughts surface.  And if no ideas occur to you, that's fine, too.  You're alive.  You're creative.  Breathe deep and walk tall. 

(And if you grab a coffee somewhere along the way think of me - I always seem to be trying to balance a notebook, pen and coffee cup, all while trying to keep my hair out of my face.  Yes, I'll be the writer bumping into trees and spilling coffee down her front.)

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