River of Stones - Jan 10th

White contrail
as the jet draws its own map
across the sky.


Anonymous said...

I ordered your book from Barnes & Nobel. It should be in this weekend. Read reviews at Amazon. Just wondering how you came up with the idea of the tale you created. Was it a tale that you heard that you expanded. Thanks.


firstlinefiction said...

Wow - thanks for ordering my book! I hope you enjoy it.

As for how I came up with the idea, that is such a hard question to answer (in a way that makes sense anyway). With me, characters tend to take up residence in my head and start talking (that is how Peg came to me - the main character in Last River Child). Peg is ostracized from her community and I have talked in interviews about when I was a child there were two students at my grade school (a boy and a girl) who were both shunned. Today the term would be bullied, but we didn't say that back then. The boy committed suicide and I am not sure what happened to the girl - she disappears from my memory at one point. It wasn't until I finished writing Last River Child that I remembered those children but I carried them both with me, quite unconsciously, all these years.

Nothing in the book actually happened however, all events are made up. It is Peg's story. But I do think the seed for the story started long ago when I was a child.

I do hope you enjoy it! Thanks again.

~ Lori

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know after I read it. Thanks for responding.