Musings from the Desk

Don't you love when inspiration hits? The muse, she kissed me this morning. There I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when a short story unfolded itself in my mind complete with a title (I am terrible with titles!). Then the narrator of this story started whispering in my ear and I tell ya, I started spitting out toothpaste in the rush to get to my desk. Of course, everything that seemed so easy and brilliant in front of the bathroom mirror turned out to be much harder when I actually tried to squeeze those words out of me at my desk, but things went pretty well and I'm hoping this one fulfills its early promise and actually develops into a short story.

My second novel is coming along well. I work on that every weekday morning. But I love it when someone totally new and unexpected arrives in my imagination, fullblown and ready to make a debut on the page like today. That's what keeps me writing.

(And you thought it was the fabulous wealth and super-stardom, didn't you?)


Anonymous said...


Is this one of those mirrors that you say: "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." and the words appear? Can I borrow it please?


firstlinefiction said...

I only wish it were a mirror like that. But maybe it is developing that magical skill, so, no, you can't borrow it! lol

~ Lori