Writing Adventure

The weather is getting a wee bit warmer here so I am itching to get outside for a writing adventure.

Find yourself a spot outside where you can sit comfortably for a few minutes. Take a look around. Then open your notebook. (I know that you faithfully carry a notebook with you everywhere because you are a WRITER.) In your notebook describe your surroundings. When you are finished, close your eyes and sit for a few minutes absorbing your surroundings again. What new things did you notice? How did having your eyes closed change the place for you? Open your eyes and describe the place a second time in your notebook.


Anonymous said...


I liked this one. I did it twice today. Once in a mall and once outside. My other senses heightened a bit. I could hear voices and sounds better and noticed soft breezes more. I guess I was tuning them out with all the sights around me.


firstlinefiction said...

That's great Mario! We are truly visual creatures - to the point we allow our other senses to fade. By closing our eyes, our hearing, sense of smell and of touch sharpen. I am so glad you discovered that. Now don't forget to bring it into your writing - it makes it alive!