Musing from the Desk


This is more like, "Whining from the Desk". But I have received three rejection letters in the last three days. Sorry, I had to tell someone. That's rough, is it not?


Anonymous said...


It is. Is it the same story? Can you rewrite it?

Did you get my e-mail? Does it make sense to switch how I'm writing if I'm not satisfied with it?

Enjoy the holiday.


Anonymous said...


I remember reading that all writers, unless you are super famous, go through bouts of rejection slips. They just keep writing until one sells.

Good luck.


firstlinefiction said...

Thanks Mario. It was 2 stories. One I will be looking at again and will probably rewrite (again!). The other I am happy with and will just send back out.

It is true about rejections - it is simply part of the job.

I just emailed you a rather long answer to your writing question.