Writing Adventure and a maybe a story idea....

For this exercise I suggest you walk around your own neighbourhood and try to see it the way a tourist or someone visiting it for the first time would. Look at it closely with fresh eyes. What new beauty do you see? Or what do you notice that is ugly? How many red things can you count? Do you ever wonder why the streets are named what they are? What do you think the neighbourhood looked like fifty years ago? A hundred years ago? (If you are really curious about this you can visit your city archives and look it up.) What do you imagine it will look like fifty years from now? Write about your neighbourhood.

I have to admit that the "Writing Adventures" are my favourite exercises. I love getting away from the desk to go exploring and let the world inspire me. Today I wandered around my own neighbourhood to "test drive" this exercise and I found something great. On the sidewalk someone has spray painted:
Jess 416-781-2053 Please.

Isn't that wonderful? A story just waiting to be told.

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