Graywolf Press

If you aren't already aware of "The Art of" Series published by Graywolf Press you might want to check it out. Here is how Graywolf describes their stellar series:

"The Art of Series is a line of books reinvigorating the practice of craft and criticism. Each book is a brief, witty and useful exploration of fiction, nonfiction or poetry by a writer impassioned by a singular craft issue."

Some of the titles are:
The Art of Description by Mark Doty
The Art of Time in Fiction by Joan Silber
The Art of Attention by Donald Revell

And there are plenty more. Honestly, I am in love with this series. Click here to learn more.


Anonymous said...


What do you like about the series of books? Is one of them better than the others?


firstlinefiction said...

Hey Mario,

I like that they are smart. There isn't anything else like them available, that I am aware of. They take a topic that is usually only of interest to a writer and explore it a bit. They aren't so much 'how to' books, as they are idea books. They get you thinking. I naturally gravitate towards the books aimed at fiction writers, but some of the books for poets look really interesting to me, so I might have a peek at those too. I also think they are beautifully designed little books (they are quite small, like a novella). I'm a sucker for a beautiful book.

Hope you've been well. I'm still nursing the knee.


Anonymous said...


I'll have to see if I find it in the stores. I may start with The Art of Descriptions, which I need to work on improving, both with people and your tree exercise.

I've been a little tied up finishing a personal investing course at a local college. Trying to have my retirement funds last forever.

I hope you are not pushing your knee too much so that it can heal.

Thanks for the book recommendation.

Take care of yourself.


firstlinefiction said...

Good for you - learning how to invest! Next stop - Wall Street?

I am trying to take good care of my knee. It's coming around.