All writers have work locked away in drawers or filed away on our computers that we have giving up on. For whatever reason we could not bring that short story, novel or poem to life, but we also could not bring ourselves to throw it away or hit the delete button (smart decision - never throw anything away!). Today I would like you to dig that piece out and have another look at it. I did this recently and am having so much fun working on my story again. Suddenly I can see where it is weak and what needs polishing. Sometimes all we need is time. When we look at our work with fresh eyes instead of seeing all its faults we see all that is wonderful and worth saving about it - and that infuses us with the energy to start another draft.

If you have any creative breakthroughs, I'd love to hear about them!


Anonymous said...


Your blog reminded me of a story that I worked on with someone else 15 years ago.

He started the story. I added the next section. He added another part and I added another section. It was never finished.

I'll take a look at it.



firstlinefiction said...

It should be really interesting looking at it after so long! I hope you find a few nuggets of gold.