Show Up

I am often asked where I get my inspiration from and I never have a proper answer. I still don't, so don't get your hopes up that I am about to give away some heavily guarded writer's secret. I suppose I find inspiration everywhere. There is a quote I like (though I can't remember who said it) and I've probably used it on the blog before, but it goes: "All art is inspired by either nature or other art."

I agree with that. So I think that is a good place to start. If you want to be inspired take a walk outside or go to an art gallery or to the symphony or read something great. Those things work for me.

But don't wait to be inspired before you sit down to write. That's really what I wanted to say to you today. If you make a commitment to write once a day, or twice a week or whatever - do it. If you have made a writing date with yourself, keep it. Because what I have consistently found over the twenty plus years that I have been writing is this: when I show up consistently and faithfully so does the muse. Really. And words and stories and books get written that way.

No one hates to be stood up as much as the muse. Trust me. Show up for her. Show up for your writing. Show up for you.


Anonymous said...

There's no "magic pill" like a vitamin to be an instant writer? I thought I read that someplace that you could take one or maybe it was that there was no such pill. Not sure.


firstlinefiction said...

If there is a pill to become an instant writer then I sure feel silly - I've been at this for years. But if we figured out how to develop one we'd make a fortune!