A Writing Log

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing on my writing dates. I know that I am spending a good chunk of time at my desk, but it doesn't feel like any work is getting done. To stop myself from just sitting there, staring out the window and calling it 'writing' I keep a writing log. After every writing session I jot down what I worked on and how much got written. This way I can't cheat. And it makes me much more productive when I know someone is looking over my shoulder - even if that someone is only me.


Anonymous said...


What does a typical log entry look like? Is it a few paragraphs or a few sentences? Do you ever go back and look at it a few months later to see when you were more or less productive?

Just curious.


firstlinefiction said...

A typical log entry for me is a very short entry in point form. At the moment I am keeping my log in my day planner. It is so I can see how much of my time is going to fiction and how much to non-fiction (like writing articles, for example). It keeps me organized and on track.

I don't look back on it too often - though it is sometimes interesting to see what I did last year, or how long certain projects took.