Week #166

In these times of economic woe even the cloud factory was in difficulty.


Anonymous said...


What does that do to cartoons? Clouds (above their heads) are what characters in cartoons talk through.

If there are too few clouds, will we have mute cartoons, or at the very least, one syllable sentences for very small clouds?

Or, if the clouds are too fat, will we have fast talking characters (too many words)whose clouds could crowd out the characters themselves?

I think you should work out the cloud factory problem for the good humor of people all over the world.

There could be serious consquences to this!


firstlinefiction said...

How true! Wow, I did not foresee this problem. Hmmm... perhaps you need to write a story and find a solution before the world fills up with mute cartoons.

(You just scored very high marks for imaginativeness, Mario. There's not even a whiff of an engineer in there.)